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The nation’s capital is known as the home of bureaucratic buildings, the birthplace of legislature and the cradle of politics. Yet Washington D.C.

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how to CarryOn in Washington, DC

The nation’s capital is known as the home of bureaucratic buildings, the birthplace of legislature and the cradle of politics. Yet Washington D.C. is a premier vacation destination and hosts many visitors from around the world, offering a host of unbeatable D.C. hotel deals.

When you visit Washington, you want to stay at a hotel that puts you in the center of all of the action. The Dupont Circle Hotel is a great D.C. hotel deal that puts you in the pedestrian-friendly Dupont Circle neighborhood. This historic neighborhood is also embassy row, where the majority of embassies are concentrated. The traffic circle at Dupont Circle is also where you can catch the D.C. metro and explore more of this historic city.

The District of Columbia is a city of monuments and memorials. It’s where America celebrates generals, politicians, poets and statesmen. The most famous monuments are concentrated around the National Mall. Visit the White House, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress with amazing deals on sightseeing tours.

Other great monuments include the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the National Archives. These aren’t just scenes from National Treasure but real places with real history and are open late at night with the night lights making them that much more beautiful.

Visiting in the summer? The 4th of July fireworks display at the National Mall is one of the most spectacular in the nation.

Next, head over to Georgetown, Washington’s oldest neighborhood. Located on the Potomac River, Georgetown is a vibrant community with upscale shopping, bars and restaurants along the cobblestone streets. Housing in Georgetown may be expensive, but finding awesome hotel deals isn’t.

Another great historical landmark is George Washington’s famed Mount Vernon Estate, a great spot to take the whole family. The 500-acre former plantation includes a 14-room restored mansion, slave quarters, smokehouse and stables and also houses a museum where you can learn about the life of the country’s first president.

The Kennedy Center hosts 3,000 performances a year. A great deal is the free daily performances held on the Millennium Stage in the Grand Foyer.

But D.C. isn’t just history and monuments. D.C. has a dazzling night scene. Whatever your genre and whatever your scene, you can find it all in the nation’s capital. Adams Morgan, Georgetown and the neighborhood around the Verizon Center are the best spots to club-hop and every night you can find a concert happening so check for deals before you book your trip.


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