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How to get a cheap flight on CarryOn

CarryOn will change the way you find cheap flights. First, we find more low fare options than any other website. Then, if you find a crowd that has already tilted to a lower price or offers double points - join it to save immediately! Here’s how:

  • - Find trending flight deals with followers
  • - Join a crowd with similar dates & modify
  • - Watch the crowd grow...and grow
  • - When it tilts, the savings appear!
follow & share
follow crowds and share for more savings. Ask friends to tilt the deal.

How to work the flight crowd

After you follow the crowd and modify your trip, start working the crowd to increase your savings. As more people follow, we increase the savings for the entire crowd. Sharing your own personal flight crowd link will automatically track your efforts back to you, earning you an extra bonus.

  • - Follow the cheap flight crowd
  • - Share your personal trip link with your friends
  • - If 8 people follow your personal hotel trip link, everyone will get double bonus points
earn a FREE flight
after 20 friends travel, you will earn a free flight. Pretty cool perk!

How to earn a FREE flight on CarryOn

You can earn a free flight on your next vacation by sharing your personal link with friends, especially if you want them to join you. Remember, if your cheap flight crowd deal has already tilted, sharing and inviting your friend will help them immediately save more - the full amount of the “crowd tilt” discount.

  • - Invite friends by working the crowd
  • - We'll track your personal cheap flight trip link
  • - As soon as 20 friends purchase your flight, you will travel for free!

Your friends can modify their dates, lengthen or even shorten their saved version of your trip. We track everything so all you have to do is share your own personal trip link.

CarryOn rewards you with social points when your friends travel, so sharing and inviting could earn you a free trip but it will definitely earn you points when your friends purchase a trip.. Just keep sharing and CarryOn’s cheap flights will keep getting cheaper!

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